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Push-Up Ball

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Push-Up Ball













Experience KETTFIT, the new platform of KETTLER for health, fitness and training.

TARGET GROUP: Designed for ambitious athletes who look for a versatile strength training at home or away.


  • Effective upper body training with Push-Up Balls: The training tool facilitates the athlete to train his push-ups in many different variations by which several muscle groups are demanded. In comparison to conventional training tools, the push-up ball unifies an instable surface, which mainly improves the proprioception of the muscles, with the integration of a rotation movement during the push-up. Like this, a whole new movement is facilitated.
  • Risk of injury is minimised by a tilting edge: The tilting edge prevents the athlete of tilting his ankles. By that, a feeling of safety is provided during the training. 
  • Extension of the training scope with an additional training tube: Das Resistance Tube facilitate additional exercises for the upper body, core, back and the arms. The handles of the push-up balls can simply be used for the tube training. 
  • Extensive training guide included: Alongside with the tool, Kettler offers its customers a training poster which shows all the relevant exercises with the push-up ball and the tube. Therefore, a diverse training is guaranteed. 
  • Simple transport: With its compact shape, the push-up ball meets the expectations of an urban customer. The space saving transport makes it an easy fitness companion in everyday life. 


  • 2 x Push-Up Ball shells, 2 x Handles, 1 x Resistance Tube, 1 x Training poster
  • Diameter Push-Up Ball: 17 cm, Length tube: 270 cm
  • Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
Technical Data
Dimensions Diameter push-up ball halves: 17 cm,
Length of the tube: 270 cm
Material Polycarbonate (PC)
Colour black
Scope of delivery 2 x push-up ball halves, 2 x handle,
1 x resistance tube, 1 x training poster
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Art.-Nr.: 07372-350

Push-Up Ball

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Art.-Nr.: 07372-350

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