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Experience KETTFIT, the new platform of KETTLER for health, fitness and training.

Available in stores from autumn 2018!

The KETTLER TRACK S10 has plenty to offer:
KETTLER ENERGY DECK cushioning creates an energy impulse with every step you take. Charge your run! This means: more kilometres at the same performance level, with less strain on your joints. The high-end training computer, with its intuitive menus, keeps you posted with information on speed, incline and much more. Bluetooth® SMART is an easy way for you to network and document your workout sessions using the most common running apps. Share your run!

Blog-Post: The Indoor-Running Revolution


Dimensions folded up 142,5 x 93,5 x 165,5 cm
Dimensions packed 229,5 x 98,5 x 47 (36) cm
Dimensions when set up 208 x 93,5 x 145,5 cm
DIN-EN Class under EN 20957-1 and -6 Class SA
Handrail extension Available separately
Maximum weight load 175kg
Power connection 230 V / 50 Hz
Product weight without packaging 127 kg
Speaker Built-in Speaker for playing music or spoken commands, connection via AUX connection or BLUETOOTH (programme-dependent)
Standard equipment Ventilator, Two Placement Spaces of Soft Material for Drinking Bottles and Utensils, Sports Timepiece Bracket, Tablet Holder with Safety Clip, Foldable Running Surface with Soft-Drop Function, Track-Stop Safety Key, Transport Castors, Height Compensation,[!i18n] Lauffläche hochstellbar mit Soft Drop Funktion, Bandstop-Sicherheitsschlüssel, Transportrollen, Höhenausgleich
Training guide including holder Yes
Types of training
Connectivity options to APPs Interaktives Training z.B. in KETTMaps möglich. Das Laufband unterstützt die BLUETOOTH-Standards zur Übertragung der Trainingsinformationen zu Sport APPs und Wearables.
Training programmes integrated into treadmill Uphill Runs,Trail running,Specials - (3 programmes),Routine Breaker,[!i18n] Pulsgesteuerte Programme (HRC Trainings) - 12, davon 4 mit Pulsregelung über Geschwindigkeitsanpassung, davon 4 mit Pulsregelung über Steigungsanpassung, davon 4 mit Pulsregelung über kombinierte Steigungs- und Geschwindigkeitsanpassung,[!i18n] Konfigurierbare Trainings (Speicherplatz für 5 Programme je Individualnutzer),Interval training,Free training (Quickstart)
Displayed values during training
Display of average values Nach dem Training in der Trainingszusammenfassung für folgende Werte: Herzfrequenz, Geschwindigkeit/Pace, Steigung
Menu navigation and user settings
Available languages and menu navigation [!i18n] Trainingsprofil (Matrix) sowie Laufanimation,[!i18n] akt. Pulszone (entweder Energieverbrauch oder Pulszone anzeigbar),[!i18n] Energieverbrauch in kcal oder kJoule,[!i18n] akt. Trainingszeit in min:sec bzw. h:min,[!i18n] akt. Puls in bpm,[!i18n] akt. Pace in min/km oder min/mi (entweder Pace oder Geschindigkeit anzeigbar),[!i18n] akt. Geschwindigkeit in km/h oder mph,[!i18n] akt. Steigung in %; Distanz in km oder mi,[!i18n] Ein Individualnutzer kann seinen Trainingsbildschirm konfigurieren (Customized View)
Available menu languages Mehr als 20 Sprachen werden unterstützt. Darunter DE, EN, FR, ES, IT, NL, PL, PT, DA, SV, FI, NO, RU
Number of storage spaces for user-specific training Speicherplatz für 4 Individualnutzer sowie einen Gast. Jeder Individualnutzer hat einen eigenen Trainingsbereich mit persönlichen Einstellungsoptionen.
Personal settings options for the individual user Persönliche Trainingsintensitäten und Trainingskonfigurationen, Anzeigepräferenzen während des Trainings, persönliche Pulszonen sowie personenbezogene Daten.
Using the machine Vorgeschaltetes Menü zum Einstellen und Abrufen von Nutzer- und Trainingsdaten. Direkteinstieg für Quickstart Training möglich.
Housing, display, controls, pulse measurement
Additional buttons on handrails Geschwindigkeit ‚+‘ und ‚-‘ im rechten Handlauf, Steigung ‚+‘ und ‚-‘ im linken Handlauf
Case and display high quality, perspiration-resistant plastic housing with plexiglass surface, 190 x 110 mm LC Display, orange text on a black base.
Cockpit control Speed ‘+‘ and ‘-‘ plus 3 Quick-Preselect buttons for 4 / 8 / 12 km/h or mph, Incline ‘+‘ and ‘-‘ plus 3 Quick-Preselect buttons for 4 / 8 / 12 percent,Perspiration-resistant control panel with the following buttons: Central control pad: Start, Stop, Select Right, Select Left
Pulse measurement Über Handpulssensoren (im Lieferumfang) • Per KETTLER BLUETOOTH-Brustgurt Art. Nr. 07930-610 (optionales Zubehör). Zudem lassen sich viele Sportuhren, Brustgurte und Herzfrequenzmessgeräte per BLUETOOTH koppeln (optionales Zubehör).
Training Computer
Technical Data
Energy rebound and shock absorption Running Surface mounted on Energy Elements for more agility through Energy Rebound. Double “honeycomb” structure with energy core for optimal absorption in foot impact
Incline (automatically) adjustable in steps of… 0 - 12%, 1,0%
Motor performance AC Motor 4,0 hp
Running surface size 55 x 153 cm
Speed adjustable in steps of… 0,5 - 22 km/h, 0,1 km/h
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Art.-Nr.: 07886-900

Colour: graphite / black / orange


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Art.-Nr.: 07886-900

Colour: graphite / black / orange

Protective floor mats

Protective floor mats

Rubber mat for protecting the floor and for dampening noise when using workout equipment.
World Tours 2.0

World Tours 2.0

The latest training software developed by KETTLER. Ride your ergometer or run the treadmill on 3-D aerial images. From Frankfurt to Tokyo - now you can train anywhere! What's more, you can arrange to meet up for a race with other users of the software on the KETTLER internet portal. Naturally this software also has all the known benefits of its predecessors, such as a GPS-controlled indoor-outdoor function or training evaluation and monitoring. WORLD TOURS Portal Forum Equipment
  • Programme DVD
  • 4-key operating unit with 3 m cable (9-pin SUB-D)
  • USB serial adapter (SUB-D to USB)
  • 3 m USB cable (A-plug to B-plug)
  • Short instructions (D, GB, F, I, NL, GR, RU)
System requirements
  • Operating systems: Microsoft / Vista / 7 / 8
  • 2.0 GHz processor (Intel x86 compatible) (2.8 GHz or faster recommended)
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • 3D graphic card with at least Microsoft DirectX 9 support and min. 256 MB RAM (recommended 512 MB)
  • DVD ROM drive
  • Screen resolution: minimum 1,024 x 600 (for studio mode 1,280 x 1,024)
  • Hard disk space required: 2 GB
  • Broadband internet connection from DSL 1000
  • Bluetooth (for guests with BT equipment)
Various features
  • Training on real 3D satellite images from Microsoft Bing Maps
  • Training with Real Life Video for an even more realistic riding experience
  • Expanded evaluation options and training calendar
  • Option for feeding GPS data from real live training tours for indoor training
  • Racing mode via (incl. internet community)
  • Freely programmable training profiles
  • Standardised graduated tests/fitness tests
  • Overview presentation of stress curves for the entire training unit
Upgrade WORLD TOURS 1.0 > 2.0
Handrail Extensions, 2 Pcs.

Handrail Extensions, 2 Pcs.

Handrail extensions for a secure training

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