Balance exercises are suitable for everyone and provide an ideal combination of training that is gentle on the muscles and joints on the one hand and improving flexibility on the other. The exercises are performed

deliberately slowly and harmoniously. This strengthens muscles and stabilises the posture.

  • NEW
    • Can be used as pad for various training exercises
    • Thanks to folding structure, can be used as Yoga Block, as armrest during plank exercises, and as balance pad
    • Minimum space requirements, easy to stow
    • Training side is less susceptible to dirt thanks to special folding structure
    • Can be combined with the KETTLER Fitness Bag
    • Dimensions: 0,6 x 60 x 180 cm (folded: 7,2 x 60 x 15 cm)
  • NEW

    Training with the SWING STICK improves concentration and muscle coordination. The vibrations of the SWING STICK target the deep muscles, tone problem zones and relieve the back.

    • Especially appropriate for gymnastic exercise
    • Robust and durable thanks to high-quality components
    • Space-saving storage options (breaks down into 6 parts)
    • Upholstery covers for pleasant feel and appealing look
    • Materials: PP material, foam material, and iron
    • Size: 100.5 cm
    • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • NEW

    The YOGA MAT PRO is indispensable for yoga and Pilates exercises. Whatever the surface, the anti-slip, high-quality YOGA MAT PRO will provide for secure footing. Includes a convenient handle.


    • Air Pad‘s unstable base trains coordination and perception
    • Also useable as seating pad at the office, massage effect from knobbed surface
    • Easy transport and stowability thanks to small size and low weight
    • Air pump included with delivery
    • Max. user weight: 100 kg • Diameter: 33 cm

    Training with the balance board works almost all of the muscle groups and trains coordination due to its 3D effect. It is used not only for physical therapy but also for sophisticated training and fitness purposes.


    The GYM BALL is particularly versatile and is suitable for body stabilising balance exercises but also for effective training workouts. After training, the GYM BALL can be used as a seat to strengthen the abdominal, back and pelvic muscles. With nubs on part of the surface, the GYM BALL offers an additional light massage effect and promotes circulation. Hand pump included.


    The yoga ball guarantees versatile training and opens up new forms of exercises. The yoga ball is superbly suited for deep relaxation and for strengthening the muscular system, such as the spine and abdominals.

    • Tube Set has resistance bands for multifunctional training, for travel or home
    • Increases body stability
    • Extra-comfortable padded non-slip handgrips
    • Set consists of 3 tubes: 60 cm, 110 cm, 130 cm
    • Practical carry-bag included
    • Materials: TPR band and nylon gripse
    • Flexiband is the multifunctional training tool for travel or home
    • Offers sufficient resistance for variable strength training of almost all muscle groups
    • Space-saving stowability, folds up quickly
    • Made of tear-resistant TPE band, can be stretched to 300% of original length
    • Excellent for grasp- and strengthening exercises, and for massaging reflex zones
    • Good for entire body (particularly suited for feet and arms)
    • Improves circulation through „hedgehog shape“
    • Material: PVC
    • Set includes:
      • pearl white: Diameter: 7.5 cm
      • burgundy: Diameter: 9 cm
    • Training of upper body, arm- and leg musculature
    • Stable, anatomically-designed handles for maximum ergonomy
    • Compact, light construction for easy stowability and problem-free transport
    • Materials: fibreglass-reinforced plastic, foam material and EVA
    • Diameter: 38 cm
    • Size: 15“ x 15“
    • Appropriate for coordination- and strength training of leg- and torso musculature
    • Non-slip, knobbed outer surface (massage effect)
    • Reversible (both sides can be used)
    • Incl. 2 tubes & air pump
    • Material: PVC
    • Max. user weight: 120 kg • Diameter: 59 cm / max. height: 21 cm
  • NEW
    • Appropriate for whole body training (especially coordination- and equilibrium training)
    • compatible with standard air pumps
    • Material: PVC
    • Max. user weight: 120 kg