Functional Training

  • NEW
    • A set up that is perfectly suited for use in coordinated team sports
    • Designed to strengthen the tendons and joints and to improve active and reactive speed
    • Accessories included: coordination ladder, latex loop set, air pad, 3kg medicine ball, Messenger Bag
  • NEW
    • Offers sports enthusiasts numerous options to improve their physical fitness
    • The right accessories for the perfect whole body workout
    • Accessories included: aerobis dumbbells, speed rope, multi training bar, hoola-hoop / obstacle, Messenger Bag
  • NEW
    • Higher, faster, further with the Athlete set
    • Targeted, coordinated set for strengtheming the torso muscles as well as arm sand legs
    • For athletic improvement and a boosted performance
    • Accessories included: Sling trainer Pro, Foam Roller, gym ball, Mesenger Bag