The aim of weight training is not only targeted muscle development but also an improvement of strength endurance. The KETTLER Power Line provides complete range of weights, allowing you to train in a healthy manner, and is also

suitable for persons who want to develop a strong muscle corset to protect or reduce stress on their joints.

    • Multifunctional training station, ideal for training using own body weight
    • 3 optional training positions
    • Good variety with more than 20 training exercises to build power, coordination and agility
    • Additional fitness accessories (SlackLine, Gymnastics Rings) increase possible training variations
    • Incl. Training Poster with exercise suggestions
    • Dimensions when set up: L/W/H (in cm): 90/88/75

    Training Poster (PDF, 3 MB)

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    • Sling training serves body stabilisation and strengthening of all muscle groups
    • Incl. door anchor, ceiling-/wall mounts, high-quality carabiner hooks for fastening to beams, trees, etc.
    • Anti-slippage straps
    • High-quality workmanship of all components
    • Rubberised handle for a better grip
    • Incl. warning door plate for training with the door anchor
    • Materials: grips: PP; grip straps: TPR; rope: teteron

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    • Fasciae training: loosens sticky fascia, improves circulation, stimulates metabolism, increases mobility
    • Strengthening training: good for stabilised torso training, upper body- and leg training
    • As unstable base, also well suited for coordination exercises
    • Available in three hardness levels and adapted to respective training demands
    • Material: EPP
    • Dimensions: 15 x 30 cm

    Many KETTROLL exercises can be found on this training poster.

    These videos will show you many great impressions: KETTROLL | KETTLER Fitness Accessoires

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    • To improve strength and endurance
    • Optimal freedom of movement
    • For functional strength training with additional weights
    • Materials: nylon, neoprene and PP
    • Lateral size adjustment
    • Removable weights
    • Weight: 10 kg

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    TARGET GROUP: Designed for ambitious athletes who look for a versatile strength training at home or away.


    • Effective upper body training with Push-Up Balls: The training tool facilitates the athlete to train his push-ups in many different variations by which several muscle groups are demanded. In comparison to conventional training tools, the push-up ball unifies an instable surface, which mainly improves the proprioception of the muscles, with the integration of a rotation movement during the push-up. Like this, a whole new movement is facilitated.
    • Risk of injury is minimised by a tilting edge: The tilting edge prevents the athlete of tilting his ankles. By that, a feeling of safety is provided during the training. 
    • Extension of the training scope with an additional training tube: Das Resistance Tube facilitate additional exercises for the upper body, core, back and the arms. The handles of the push-up balls can simply be used for the tube training. 
    • Extensive training guide included: Alongside with the tool, Kettler offers its customers a training poster which shows all the relevant exercises with the push-up ball and the tube. Therefore, a diverse training is guaranteed. 
    • Simple transport: With its compact shape, the push-up ball meets the expectations of an urban customer. The space saving transport makes it an easy fitness companion in everyday life. 


    • 2 x Push-Up Ball shells, 2 x Handles, 1 x Resistance Tube, 1 x Training poster
    • Diameter Push-Up Ball: 17 cm, Length tube: 270 cm
    • Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
    • Because of freely-moving sand bags within outer pouch, endurance training is even more productive
    • Can be filled with up to 50 kg maximum weight
    • 5 separate inner pockets for individual weight filling
    • 1 x 18 kg inner pocket; 6 x 4.5 kg inner pocket; 5 kg outside pocket without filling
    • Secure double Velcro fasteners on inner pockets prevent sand from escaping
    • With 8 hand grips
    • Materials: terylene and PP
    • Appropriate for upper body training (arms, back, chest)
    • Different grip options for varied and effective training
    • No assembly with door frame necessary (leverage action)
    • For door frame inner dimensions between 78 cm - 92 cm; door case width between 15 cm - 21 cm
    • Materials: PP and iron
    • Maximum weight load: 100 kg
    • Size: 97 cm x 25 cm x 49 cm
    • Basic equipment for strength- and fitness training
    • Materials: iron and cast iron
    • Set contains:
      • 2 weight disks 2.5 kg each
      • 2 weight disks 1.25 kg each
      • 1 dumbbell bar with rubber handle and 2 collars with star grip (approx. 2 kg)
    • Stable and comfortable grips for secure push-up support
    • Push-ups with improved technical execution
    • Highly advantageous relief to wrists compared to standard push-ups
    • Materials: foam padding, steel frame, PP stands

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    • For strengthening wrists and forearm musculature
    • Optimal exercise for reducing stress
    • Slip-proof grips provide necessary firm hold
    • Continuous resistance adjustment
    • Materials: PP & TPR
    • For versatile strength training experience at home
    • Ergonomic barbell design and pleasant feel, optimal comfort
    • Materials: PVC cover & cast iron
    • Items in set with placement stands (PP):
      • 2 x 1.5 kg, light grey
      • 2 x 2.0 kg, grey
      • 2 x 4.0 kg, black
    • 30.5 mm bore hole, black lacquered finish
    • Supports muscle development in upper body, arm- and back musculature at home
    • Can be combined with all KETTLER cast iron barbell discs
    • Comfortable, non-slip grip
    • Reliable rotation/closing mechanism (star crimp)
    • Material: steel
    • 35 cm long, Ø 30 mm – made of quality steel, with thread and rubber handle
    • 2 collars with star grip
    • Appropriate for bicep curls, lunges, squats etc.
    • Can be combined with all KETTLER cast iron barbell discs
    • Trapezoidal thread and star crimps for secure mounting of discs
    • Material: iron
    • 120 cm long, Ø 30 mm – made of quality steel, with thread
    • 2 collars with star grip
    • Appropriate for bicep curls, lunges, squats etc.
    • Can be combined with all KETTLER cast iron barbell discs
    • Trapezoidal thread and star crimps for secure mounting of discs
    • Material: iron
    • 160 cm long, Ø 30 mm – made of quality steel, with thread
    • 2 collars with star grip
    • Protects hands during strength training
    • Terry cloth insert on the back of the hand to wipe away perspiration
    • Velcro-type strip on the wrist for optimal hold
    • Double stitching for long durability
    • Glove palm: anti-skid material, especially slip-proof
    • Washable at 30°
    • Serve to secure weight discs during strength training
    • Can be combined with all barbell discs and -bars
    • Spring mechanism enables fast mounting and removal of weight discs
    • For Ø 30 mm barbell bar
    • Materials: steel & PVC