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Does KETTLER provide a warranty on large machines?

KETTLER 3-year warranty

For KETTLER HKS/Advantage home sport equipment that is only intended for private use in the home environment according to German DIN EN standard, Class H, KETTLER offers a three-year warranty for the German market. Warranty claims are to be directed to the seller, upon presentation of the purchase receipt, stating the complete machine specifications according to the type plate sticker; the warranty applies to the first buyer. The warranty first of all applies to supplementary performance. The instructions in the assembly/training manual (assembly, set up, safety, use, maintenance) are to be strictly followed. Accordingly, wear and tear, damage due to use for other than the intended purpose, damage due to insufficient or irregular maintenance, due to faulty assembly, modifications or humidity, are excluded from the warranty.


How can I clean my KETTLER equipment?

EN KETTLER equipment should always be cleaned as described in the instruction manual. For this purpose, KETTLER offers a special care set that as been specially tailored to our products. The equipment care set can be purchased from any KETTLER sport equipment dealer.

What is meant by rpm-dependent and rpm-independent?

A rpm-independent ergometer always has the same output regardless of the step frequency. Thus the same output is reached not only at 40 but also at 100 RPMs.

Can I convert the workout level to watts?

Unfortunately it is not possible to convert the workout level to output in watts. According to the German DIN standard, a resistance display in watts is only allowed on ergometers. Ergometers are calibrated at KETTLER using a gauged measuring shaft. Machines with a brake level display do not have this precise adjustment.

Are KETTLER products tested for harmful substances?

KETTLER guarantees home sport equipment that has been tested for harmful substances

There are sensitivities among the public due to numerous publications by testing institutes and consumer protection organisations on the topic of harmful substances in products.

For this reason, already since 1 July 2007, KETTLER only uses materials for all its products that are tested as being non-toxic and that meet the strict regulations for home sport equipment that apply in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Moreover, all of KETTLER's suppliers are contractually obligated to guarantee adherence to the regulations in force (e.g. REACH conformity). Compliance with the strict regulations is continually monitored by KETTLER's Quality Assurance department, along with independent testing institutes.
This is documented on all KETTLER home sport equipment through the TÜV-GS seal.

We refer to a report from 2/2011 by Stiftung Warentest, Germany's leading consumer organisation, in which phthalates (plasticisers) were found in the sheathing of the centre hand grips of the Track Performance treadmill. This does not represent the high standards to which we are normally accustomed (see the CTR 3 and Satura E cross trainers that earned the highest marks in the same test).
The treadmill that was tested involved a model from an initial low-volume production series. During our routine, strict quality controls, no such abnormalities occurred.
After learning of the test results, KETTLER immediately took action and replaced the grip tubing with phthalate-free material for the series production. This was confirmed through the test report by the independent testing institute TÜV Rhineland LGA Products GmbH, Cologne with Test Report No. AZ 76895-1 dated 02 November 2010.

How much power does my ergometer consume?

An ergometer does not consume the rated resistance output. The maximum power consumption is around 60 W during operation (this depends upon the specifications of the power supply).

What is the required ceiling height for a particular machine X?

Your local dealer can inform you about the exact room height requirements.
As a rule, the following applies to the individual product groups:

Exercise bikes & ergometers 180 cm ceiling height
Cross trainers 40 cm + individual height
Rowing machines 180 cm ceiling height
Treadmills 30 cm + individual height
Multigyms 220 cm ceiling height

Can I order directly from KETTLER?

KETTLER is a manufacturer and sells its range of products only through specialised dealers. The only exception to this are our 2nd quality shops. You will find the addresses on our home page under About KETTLER

Where can I have a look at a particular machine X?

We unfortunately cannot tell you which dealer has which machine in the showroom. You can, however, find a dealer using our "dealer search" and contact them directly.

Why can’t I find a particular model X on your homepage? (Special models etc.)

Models that you cannot find on our homepage or in the catalogue are generally discontinued or special models. The dealers offering these products would be happy to provide you with information about the machine.

Is KETTLER equipment suitable for studio use?

Various ergometers, rowing machines, treadmills and bike trainers from the KETTLER range meet the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 20957, device class S. They are therefore suitable for use in studios.

Are KETTLER home sport equipment truly manufactured in Germany?

A majority of the machines are manufactured in Germany. These products are labelled "Made in Germany" not only on the packaging but also on the device itself.

Our home sport machines by the company KETTLER truly safe?

All sport items of the company KETTLER conform to the current standards (DIN EN 957) and are therefore considered safe. In addition, all sport machines are subjected to GS (tested safety) inspection by the TÜV Rhineland.

What is the difference between an exercise bike and an ergometer?

Exercise bikes and ergometers differ essentially in their displayed exercise output. For exercise bikes, for example, brake resistance is displayed in levels and for ergometers in watts. Ergometers are calibrated at KETTLER so that the machines all perform at the same level of output. Thus it doesn't matter whether you train on a cross trainer or bike ergometer with 50 watts, they all have the same output.