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Why do the device specifications on the type plate have to be provided for enquiries regarding maintenance, spare parts orders and repairs?

Because changes and device modifications may occur within a product or machine series, it is absolutely essential to know the machine/production specifications, in order to guarantee prompt and accurate handling of each enquiry.

Are there different bike ergometers?

Yes! – KETTLER offers rpm-dependent and rpm-independent bike ergometers.

What is a bike ergometer used for?

These machines have even more precisely engineered drive and brake systems. They only exhibit small variances in the output range, whose maximum tolerance threshold is not exceeded by more than +/- 10%. The mechanical and technical output requirements have been matched with compatible electronics and are based on the output reading in "WATT" (global standard). This value is mainly used in the field of medicine, in particular for stress ECG's in physician's practices and for the rehabilitation of those suffering from cardiovascular disorders.

What can I use an exercise bike (stationary bike) for?

Exercise bikes are suitable for a pure fitness/cardio workout for building up strength and stamina. They have high-quality features and conform to the current state of technical know-how.
Depending upon their quality and use of materials, they differ particularly in terms of their various types of drive and brake systems. Equipment comprises in part electronic controls and a speedometer computer (including pulse frequency measurement with programmable monitoring functions) and calorie and kilojoule consumption display.
According to the German DIN (EN) standard, they are allowed a leeway of +/- 25%, which means that the output values are not reproducible.

Can our home sport machines be protected with plastic cover and placed on a balcony or terrace?

No, humidity damages the electronics.

On which sport machines can the World Tours software be used?

The software can be used on all bicycle and cross-ergometers and treadmills fitted with an interface. Exception: Rowing ergometers

What is the procedure in case of a justified warranty claim?

You should inform the dealer who, in joint cooperation with Kettler's customer service, will initiate the required steps.

Which watt values are equivalent to riding values on exercise bikes?

There are no equivalent values, as exercise bikes cannot be calibrated and are not intended for therapeutic applications.

Why is the safety key to be fastened with a clip to the runner's clothing?

In case of stumbling and to protect the user from falling, the clip with the cord to the safety key always needs to be fastened to the user's clothing in order to keep the risk of injury as low as possible.

Why does the hand pulse recorder show different values when running?

The hand movements when running alter subsequent readings. The hand pulse sensors cannot accurately measure micro-currents and the electronics can only analyse and display the values that are transmitted.

What are the different characteristics?

Rpm-dependent bike ergometers:
For a fixed setting of stress resistance, the energy expended by the user depends upon the cadence. (RPM – Pedalling revolutions per minute)

Fewer RPMs = fewer "WATTs"
More RPMs = more "WATTs"

Rpm-independent bike ergometers:
These machines are connected to a power outlet and have an electromagnetic brake. The brake and pedal resistance is dependent upon the "WATT" setting.

The "WATT" value displayed in the computer remains constant.

Fewer RPMs = higher resistance

More RPMs = less resistance